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The purpose of the continuing medical education program at the Central Illinois Neuroscience Foundation is to address the reported needs and professional practice gaps of physicians in central Illinois in order to improve individual competence, performance and patient outcomes in the neurosciences.

Content Area
Continuing medical education activities sponsored, or jointly sponsored, by the Central Illinois Neuroscience Foundation will primarily focus on educational content that matches the learners’ scope of professional practice and actively promotes improvements in neuro healthcare. Content will center on evidence-based medicine in the context of desirable physician attributes as outlined by the IOM and ACGME competencies in areas such as neurosurgery, neurology, neuroradiology, neuro-oncology, spine surgery, pain management and physiatry. Other topics related to the neurosciences such as practice management, clinical, legal, or socioeconomic issues may be addressed if supported by needs assessment or gap analysis.

Target Audience
Continuing medical education activities will be designed for primary care physicians, neurosurgeons, neurologists, neuro-oncologists, neuroradiologists, physiatrists, pain physicians, residents, and other specialists in the central Illinois regional area who are interested in the diagnosis, management, and outcome of diseases, disorders, and traumas affecting the central nervous system. For many programs, secondary audiences such as nurses, technicians, and other allied health professionals may be identified and invited to attend.

Types of Activities
The Central Illinois Neuroscience Foundation CME Unit will organize various live activities throughout the year including weekly Neuroscience Case Review Conferences held at the local hospitals and Special Topic Tuesday seminars. Educational formats will include case presentations, lectures, panel discussions, and question and answer sessions with a focus on interactive, interdisciplinary learning. Topic specific symposia, enduring materials or performance improvement activities may also be employed based on the reported needs of the target audience.

Expected Results
The Central Illinois Neuroscience Foundation’s Continuing Medical Education program will increase the knowledge and competence of the physicians who attend. Secondary goals include changing physician behaviors and attitudes, enhancing physician performance and cultural competency, and addressing barriers to change which impact patient outcomes and professional practice in the neurosciences. The Central Illinois Neuroscience Foundation will work to collaborate with other stakeholders in the regional area to identify and address factors influencing quality improvement in neuro healthcare with the overarching goal of improving patient care in central Illinois.

The effectiveness of the CME program in achieving these goals will be assessed on an annual basis utilizing a variety of evaluation tools. These evaluations will be used to ascertain the strengths and weaknesses of the overall CME program and will be used by the CME Unit to implement changes designed to improve the quality and effectiveness of the activities it provides.

It is the responsibility of the Central Illinois Neuroscience Foundation’s Continuing Medical Education Unit to revise and amend this document as necessary in compliance with the Essential Areas and Accreditation Policies of the Illinois State Medical Society.

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